#7 NM Ben Johnson

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In episode #7 of Ono Another Chess Podcast, Ono (⁠@TheOnoZone) talks to NM Ben Johnson about the Adult Improver endeavour of perpetual chess improvement against the backdrop of a busy adult life. Ben is the host of the legendary Perpetual Chess Podcast, creator of the weekly Perpetual Chess Linkfest + the author of the recently published book Perpetual Chess Improvement, among other things.

  • (01:56) The chess communities Ben belongs to
  • (05:00) The state of Ben’s chess in 2023
  • (05:58) The importance of playing OTB
  • (07:40) The writing of Ben’s new book
  • (09:17) Ben as a writer
  • (11:13) Success of Ben’s guests outside of chess
  • (13:13) What drives Adult Improvers to improve
  • (17:10) Unecessary vs Necessary Fallibility
  • (21:40) Knowledge vs Decision-Making resources
  • (25:15) Can you acquire all the chess knowledge?
  • (27:15) Ben’s frustration with memory
  • (28:31) Ben’s last year of chess improvement
  • (30:11) Ben’s future projects
  • (31:05) Personality reflected on the chess board
  • (33:48) Luck in chess
  • (38:09) Ben’s chess ambitions
  • (41:57) When is the audio book available?
  • (43:25) Linkfest: Ben’s Blog
  • (45:42) Chess news sources
  • (50:20) Linkfest; adult improvement blogs
  • (54:58) Where can you get Ben's book?

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To ⁠TheOnoZone Patrons⁠ who made the production of this podcast episode possible: MatthewKCanada, Brett, Nate Glissmeyer, Laura Holmes + Marcus Buffett + Dan Bock + Dawn Lawson + Glen G + Mikey Wells + Michael Shpizner + Karen W + Gregory C + BowiE + Yara V + Stefan K + Ché Martin + Andrew M + Ben Johnson

To Ben Johnson for coming on the podcast, my wife Yara for being the other half of TheOnoZone, Ché Martin for creating the legendary intro, and Zach Shpizner for applying his audio engineering skills to this episode.

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