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“Ono is a fantastic chess coach.

He manages to create a fun but focused atmosphere and gives in-depth clear explanations and analyses.

He quickly understood where my strengths and weaknesses were and tailored his lessons and my training accordingly.

If you want to learn chess effectively and have a bit of fun on the way, there is nobody I could more highly recommend.”

- Stefan Kania

"I wish someone had told me about this guy 12 months ago.

You will not find this kind of quality coaching at anywhere near this price. If you've been thinking about getting a coach, you are not going to do any better.

Just like with standard one-on-one coaching, Ono and I meet online for a chess lesson each week. In addition to this, he checks on my progress, spends time preparing a full lesson for the week, and gives feedback on the games I play between meetings by voice message.

In other words, you basically get a full-time coach for the price of an hour a week.

Having looked for a good coach for over a year now, and striking out many times, I'm just excited to find one this good. Ono is the man.”

- Ché Martin, host of the The Dark Squares podcast

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the trial lesson completely free?


No need to give your credit card details, or to continue chess coaching with me afterwards. All I ask is some details about your recent chess games so I can prepare your trial lesson to be tailored to your chess needs.

You will get the link to book your free 60-minute trial chess lesson with me in Calendly after signing up above.

What exactly is included in TheOnoZone 1:1 Chess Coaching?

If you want to continue your chess coaching with me after your trial lesson, you can choose between Weekly Lessons or Biweekly Lessons. You can read all about my chess coaching here.

However, TheOnoZone 1:1 Chess Coaching includes much more than just chess lessons. You won't just get a chess teacher, you'll get a fulltime chess coach.

This includes:

How much do you charge?

For your first trial lesson, I charge absolutely nothing. You can reserve a 60-minute slot in my calendar by signing up above.

If you choose to continue your chess coaching with me after the trial lesson, you can choose between Weekly Lessons or Biweekly Lessons with all TheOnoZone 1:1 Chess Coaching features included in the price. You can find my rates here.

I have another question. How can I reach you?

Feel free to contact me by sending an email to I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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